Printed Circuit Board


Does your Ideal boiler seem dead and lifeless, our customers tell us that this Ideal pcb is the reason for this. Once the new printed circuit board is fitted the boiler is normally up and running in seconds.

This printed circuit board used to be part number 173534.
This Printed Circuit Board is brand new and has been developed and manufactured by Pactrol Controls who is a leading supplier of electronic printed circuit boards to the heating industry here in the UK. Pactrol produced this printed circuit board for one of the largest repair companies in the country, it is compatible and not the original Ideal printed circuit board but is manufactured to the highest standards and is CE approved. It comes with a 12 months warranty.

Note if you see the original Ideal printed circuit board on EBay at around £100 then the pcb is either:
1) Stolen
2) Used
3) Refurbished

The original Ideal printed circuit board retails around £206

Boiler Part Number: AK1414

Boiler GC No.: 47-348-31

Our Price: £119.95

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